Eagle Park


Eagle Park, New premises for Nashua by Redefine

“Sustainable by Design.”
The brief was for the creation of Nashua’s new Head Office in Cape Town, incorporating a mixed use typology of warehouse, workshop and office spaces to fulfill the client’s unique requirements. A strong focus on the end user and superior building performance criteria from the client formed the basis for the design brief. The design utilized sustainable principles to achieve this, as described below.

The design orientates the building on the North/South axis in order to reduce the extent of glazing exposed on the Eastern and Western facades to direct sunlight. In addition to this, a large roof over-hang was provided, forming covered terraces on both the Ground Floor and First Floor to further shade the commercial space on the Eastern and Western facades.
No glazing elements were provided on the North elevation in order to eliminate solar heat gain on this facade. The glazing type was carefully selected to provide the highest solar heat elimination within budget without affecting the neighbouring building by avoiding highly reflective surfaces. The large triple volume glazed foyer space was placed on the South side of the building, where it receives the least amount of direct sunlight. The First Floor roof “sandwich” was insulated to the required 3.7 m²K/W.
A large double volume was provided in the First Floor open plan office areas, with localised false ceilings, this further helps to reduce the ambient temperature during the day and insulating the office spaces at night. Light coloured paving was selected for the apron areas around the building, to reduce the amount of heat absorbed. Where ever possible locally manufactured green rated materials were used, further reducing the buildings total carbon foot print.