Mountain Hut

Himalayan Mountain Hut

Architecture competition

“The icy snow-covered terrain, imposing jagged peaks and sheer vastness of this landscape is enough to realise one’s insignificance in terms of scale and belonging. The ultimate acknowledgement of the power of nature and man’s place within. In order to conquer this landscape the challenge is immense, resulting in both a physically and mentally challenging climb. The human mind and body conquering millennia of harshness. Man against mountain; the minute against the massive; the power of the body and mind over the power of sheer scale. The key to the mountaineer’s success lies in finding place in this vastness – a place of identity, familiarity, comfort – a place intrinsically human, speaking to man’s identity.”Inspired by the Honeycomb structure of the Beehive, each Snow Pod provides an adaptable refuge intrinsically linked to the nature of its environment while providing comfort to its inhabitants. Just like the honeycomb each cell is a small part of something, when in a collection, forms something large and powerful and all-encompassing, thus the Snow Pod is a part of a larger whole. It can function independently as an insular unit or it can be stacked with other Pods to form a community unit.The way we propose to do this is to introduce a unit relative to the individual scale, allowing adaptability to human need and terrain and constructed through human craft and harvesting energy from its surroundings – an entirely self-sufficient and humane living pod respectful of its environment. We saw it as vital to have the Pods as transparent as possible (to allow views to the surrounding landscape) while maintaining their thermal comfort. Another informant was the need for something which could be easily and affordably reproduced, transported and erected in remote locations with adaptability for different terrain.